What a fantastic day we have had in year one! We have been busy making treasure maps, looking at different parts of the ship, playing 'pirate, pirate where is your treasure? and of course our treasure hunt! The children seemed to really enjoy the day. I have uploaded pictures in the gallery section of the website - the children all looked fantastic!

Learning logs are due next Wednesday 3.2.17, I sent home extra copies for children who thought they needed a new copy.

Pancakes are on sale next Friday 10th February and the money raised is going to CAFOD, they are £1 each.

We have been weighing in maths and problem solving. It has been quite tricky but I think we are really getting the hang of how to use the scales and talk using grams and kilograms... aswell as words such as 'lighter, heavier and balanced'.

We have a visitor next Friday to do some activities with our class based around The Tempest, we have learned about Shakespeare this week so we are looking forward to that.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Dixon and Mrs Veasey


AuthorLeanne Dixon