What an exciting week we have had in year one! I am sure you have heard about the visit we had from a pirate in our classroom whilst we were at break. Once we had a look around the room at all of the evidence, we noticed he had taken some of our treasure from 'The Golden Bell' our pirate ship in class. Blackbeard Junior left a note to say he had gone and would never return. He also said unless year one give him a good reason to return the treasure he would keep it! We will have to put our thinking caps on next week and think of how we may persuade him to give it back! I have put the WANTED posters up so everybody in school can keep their eyes peeled!

We have been doing time this week in maths, o'clock and half past the hour. Please encourage children to tell the time as much as you can. We had lots of fun learning about the time, we had the one minute challenges and we timed our self dribbling a ball between cones! We will be looking at place value again next week, with bigger numbers - this will be a challenge for many children but if they work as well as they have done this week with their learning partners, I'm sure we will do great and have lots of fun!

Learning logs are due back on Wednesday 25th January - I can see lots of children have been busy making their own Jolly Rogers! It is lovely to see the children so inspired by what they are learning.

We are going to have a Pirate day in school, letters will be going home with all of the details and the date but this will just give you time to think about a costume! Homemade costumes would be lovely to see, please do not feel like you need to buy a costume for it.

Please see the year 1 galleries section for a few pictures from music this Wednesday. Here are some pictures from our lovely week in year one.

Miss Dixon and Mrs Veasey

AuthorLeanne Dixon