The weeks seem to be flying by in year one. This week we have been working on fractions in maths, mainly one half and we have started to look at what a quarter is - tricky stuff! The children have really tried their best and we have had lots of fun learning about fractions using water, play dough, sweets and many more things! In English we are just finishing off our poems topic, we have had some fabulous poems about shapes and under the sea creatures!

A letter and 4 tickets have been sent home tonight for the KS1 Christmas nativity performance. There are 2 tickets for the afternoon and 2 for the evening. You may choose to come to the dress rehearsal before the 2 shows but it may have a few interruptions throughout.

Learning logs have gone home tonight, they are due back a week next Wednesday. The spellings are: friend, school, put, are, were.

On Monday the children who are having their flu vaccination will do so in the afternoon. We are hoping to start our under the sea shoeboxes next Monday too, so if you have any free time this weekend feel free to have a walk on the beach and pick up some shells to go in the under the sea shoe boxes (do not worry if not - we have shells in school or we could draw them) along with everything else!

We hope you have a great weekend!

Miss Dixon and Mrs Veasey

AuthorLeanne Dixon