A 'thank you' to everyone who turned up on Thursday.  As a working mum I appreciate how difficult and often impossible it is to attend these sort of events. For those of you who couldn't make here is a brief outline of things that were discussed.

The children are now working on objectives from the new National Curriculum, rather than the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  Objectives for English and Maths can be found on the website.

Reading - please continue to support your child by reading with them every night.  Could you please try to ensure that, when helping your child to sound out words, you use the correct phonetic pronunciation of letter sounds.  There is a useful clip on 'You Tube' - Sounds of the English Phonic Code - Synthetic Phonics - which may help if you are unsure.  From next week, Mrs Veasey and I will be listening to your child read on a one to one basis, rather than hearing them as part of a group.  Please ensure that your child has their reading book with them everyday and, if it needs changing, ask them to pop it in the basket as the come in to school (we shall be reminding them too!) Many thanks for your support with this.

Thank you again for your support with the Learning Logs.  They really are a delight to read through.  Your support at home makes such a huge difference.

If there is anything you are unsure about please do not hesitate to come and see us.

AuthorLiam Whetnall