This week we have been thinking about the powers which superheroes have and the superpower we would like if we could have one. We then discussed superheroes that we have in our community; including, policemen and women, firefighters doctors, nurses, paramedics and many more. How lucky we are! We will be thinking more about this next week.

We have continued our doubling activities this week and the children have been looking at halving even numbers from 10 and below. The children have worked out the halves by sharing cubes with their friend. I have been so impressed with their focus and perseverance with this.

We have some budding actors and actresses in our class. On Wednesday, for our RE, we did some role play in groups of 5. The children worked together to decide their roles without any help from me and loved putting on their costumes! We had two scenes, one where Mary was met by an angel that shared the good news… Jesus has risen! Mary then saw Jesus and asked if she could share the good news. The second scene was in the room with the disciples, including Doubting Thomas, who could not believe their news. Jesus then appeared and Doubting Thomas could believe. We have spoken about how we believe and discussed ways in which we can share joy like Jesus does.

Our beanstalks are really trying hard to grow, despite the ever changing weather! This week the children have been observing and recording their growth. We look forward to planting some more seeds and taking care of them like we do with our classroom and each other.

I hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend, see you on Tuesday!

Miss Dixon and the Reception team

AuthorLeanne Dixon