What a week we have had in reception. The evil pea has been up to no good! First he stole our superheroes on Monday, so we wrote WANTED posters to see if anyone had spotted him. On Tuesday he returned our superheroes but left the poor carrots, broccoli and cucumber in our classroom like he did in the story ‘Supertato’. We had a letter from Supertato asking us to make our own Supertatoes to help the vegetables. We have some super problem solvers in our classroom. We have now been learning the story off by heart and changing parts on our story map so we can write our own versions next week.

We have of course continued our RWI phonics groups, the children are becoming more confident in their reading and writing each week!

In Maths we have been focusing on speedy number recognition, in particular with numbers 0-20. We have also been thinking about the days of the week and reminding ourselves that we can spot shapes everywhere! Even with our fruit.

In RE we had lots of lovely ideas for things that we could do for Mary in her special month of May. The children also discussed what we think heaven looks like as we started making our ascension cups. We will continue this next week.

We have started our Sports Day practice so we will be rearing to go for sports day which is on Friday 5th July! It should start soon after registration, so at around 9.10am on our school field.

Reception have had lovely Y6 helpers this week as they have been completing their SATS, congratulations to all of Y6 on completion of their SATS week! Gosh that seems like a long way off for us in Reception but believe me, time goes so quickly in school! The work we do in Reception is so important to create a lifelong love of learning.

-Please do not use the trim trail before or afterschool. This is for the use of KS2 at playtime and lunchtime only.

-Please send your child with velcro shoes for PE days, unless they can tie their own shoelaces.

-We break up from school a week today at 3.25pm. The children return on Monday 10th June.

Here are some photos of the children making their supertatoes:

Have a lovely weekend, here is hoping the sun is shining still!

Miss Dixon

AuthorLeanne Dixon