We are beginning to see that we have super writers in our class. The children have been using their Read Write Inc knowledge to help them write their own superhero stories and descriptions. In school the children read atleast 4 times per week with an adult and so much more independently. Reading at home, atleast 3 times per week, makes a big difference to their learning not only to their reading but to their writing as well. Please make sure you are reading with the children at least 3 times per week. We rarely send other pieces of homework to ensure you have the time to do this with your children.

In Maths this week we have been counting in twos and tens. What amazing learners the children are, they have been counting pairs of socks, beads on the abacus, dinosaurs and coins! I wonder if they can show you their counting in twos and tens at home?

In RE we learned about the Ascension and we were thinking about why this happened. Why and how are important questions that come up lots for us, most of the time we cannot answer these questions but it is important to wonder about God and the stories from the Bible. The children were really thoughtful and lots of them thought Jesus wanted to share his love and be with his father.

We loved our superhero dancing on Thursday, the children worked in pairs and had to guess which superhero their partner was being, just from their dance moves! We had different levels, speeds and actions! I hope they will show you their superhero dancing at home.

Over the Easter holiday, Mrs Mahoney looked after the cocoons for our class, four of the butterfly’s decided to see the world on Tuesday and the last one on the Wednesday of the holidays. We had a look in class at the photos this week and I thought you may want to have another look at home!

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Miss Dixon and the Reception team

AuthorLeanne Dixon