It has been a week full of joy and smiles this week, the children have been a pleasure and they have represented our school so well with our special visitor on Tuesday. Sarah Jane started our PE off with a bang with superhero dancing which we have loved continuing this week. Here are a few of the photos, we loved doing superhero poses and dancing across the room as superheroes. The children worked together taking turns to be the strong superhero pushing the rolling bolder (in case you were wondering from the photos)!

We have started learning about doubles in Maths this week, we will continue this next week. We have looked at numbers 0-5 in detail and some children have looked at larger numbers, even up to double 10! We have used dominoes and cubes to see doubles and enjoyed doubling aliens on the whiteboard. Writing doubles such as 2 + 2= 4 has been a new challenge and I look forward to having a go in many different ways next week. Please have a go at doubling at home if you can!

We have continued our RWI this week and we are doing our quizzes at the moment. I am so pleased with the fantastic progress that the children are making. Regular reading at least 3 times per week really helps them to improve their phonics skills. We keep a record of this in school and as you know each day means another sticker on their bookmark, once the bookmark is completed the children get a certificate and a raffle ticket which we should have a draw for at the end of the half term in assembly.

In RE we have started our New Life topic and learned about the Resurrection of Christ. The children recalled the story well and we will look into this further next week.

Thank-you all for your continued support and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Dixon and the Reception team

AuthorLeanne Dixon