Thank-you for coming into school for our meetings this week, it has been lovely to have some time with you to discuss what amazing progress all of the children are making in Reception. This week we have written our own class version of the three little pigs, we decided to change the house of straw to the house of grass. We worked in groups to write our story and the children have learned the story inside out! We have continued our RWI sessions and the children are becoming confident at sounding out and blending the sounds to make words. Some children can even do the sounds in their head (we call this ‘Fred in your head’), have a try at home!

In maths we have continued using our knowledge of number to estimate how many objects or pictures we can see, even when they are covered up after a few seconds! This is quite fun and the children are becoming very good at this. Next week we will we measuring and looking at bigger, smaller, shorter and taller.

The caterpillars are growing very quickly, we cannot wait to see the cocoons that they will make before they turn into a butterfly!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend together.

Miss Dixon and the Reception team

AuthorLeanne Dixon