We have started our new topic in Reception this week, the children are working very hard to pronounce ‘traditional’ as it is a tricky word to say. Understanding what is meant by traditional tales is quite hard too, you could have a conversation at home about it. A traditional tale is a story that has been told and retold for many years and most people know them!

Our focus this week has been on The Three Little Pigs, we have used our story map to to orally retell the story and we will continue this next week.
We have played maths games making the house of bricks, and the chimney from the house, using a secret amount of blocks from the card which they selected from the pack. Choosing the right amount of objects from a larger group is a focus in maths that is very important in Reception. The rest of the group then estimated how many blocks/lego bricks had been used. It was lots of fun!

In RWI we learned a new sound today:
ow - blow the snow
We have enjoyed working in our Read Write Inc groups this week, the children are becoming confident in their ability to blend sounds to make words. This is assisting them in their writing, as the children can use their ability to split a word into it’s sounds to write!

We had so many children receiving not just their first but their second reading certificate today in our assembly, it was lovely to see. Please remember we ask that you read with your child a minimum of 3 times per week and sign the reading record. We can then add the stickers to the children’s bookmarks for the schoolbooks they have read at home.

World book day is next Thursday 7th March, the children have brought home a blank book cover on a sheet of paper to draw the character they will be coming as on world book day. You are welcome to bring them in when you have completed them but we ask for them to all be returned (with their name on) by Thursday 7th March please. I look forward to seeing everybody looking fabulous in their costumes!

In Reception we are having 10 minute meetings and that is why we have not sent reports home tonight. You will be able to select a time slot from next Monday morning, I will put a timetable for you to allocate yourself a time at our gate in the morning and after school, I will then send the sheet to after school club. There is a 10 minute time slot for each meeting and it allows me to give you an update regarding your child’s progress, attendance and time for you to ask any questions. The dates and times are on Wednesday 13th March 1-2pm and Thursday 14th March 1-5pm.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Dixon and the Reception team

AuthorLeanne Dixon