What an exciting week! We have been doing lots of investigations because our visitor was back again this week. Our poor toys have been frozen for most of the week. Yesterday, we decided to set up a camera to see who was freezing our toys. We were surprised to find… it was Elsa! She wrote back to all of our letters and explained she had heard we were learning all about winter and on her visits, she had accidentally frozen our toys. Reception have decided to forgive Elsa and they have loved drawing her pictures, writing her letters and learning about where she lives, in Norway!

We have continued growing our brains this week and we have been learning about 3D shapes. I have been very impressed with their 2D and 3D shape knowledge. I hope the children can point out some 2D and 3D shapes for you at home and outside - shapes are everywhere!

The children have been reading and writing in their new RWI groups this week. We have been really impressed with their sounds and blending. I am sure you can see their amazing progression at home too.

In RE we learned about when the first 4 disciples were called. We enjoyed talking about boats and fishermen. The children enjoyed listening to the story and we have made some lovely, colourful fish for our display!

Enjoy the photos, a snapshot of our exciting learning in Reception and have a lovely weekend.

Miss Dixon and the Reception team.

AuthorLeanne Dixon