It has been an exciting week in Reception, with the arrival of Hearty the elf and our amazing, knitted Nativity scene we have enjoyed the beginning of Advent. We also have a special ‘Mary’s Little Donkey’ advent calendar, which we have been opening each day to reveal the next part of the Nativity story. Thank-you for practising the children’s lines for our Nativity at home, please please continue to do this over the next week so on Friday the children will be full of confidence performing Humph the camel for you all to enjoy. The performance starts at 2pm and you do not need to bring tickets or worry about the costumes as we have them ready to go.

Aswell as all of our Advent activities, we have been enjoying our RWI quizzes this week. I have been so impressed with their fantastic progress, we are becoming super at our sounds. We have also been working on our blending and segmenting of the sounds (putting sounds together to make a word and splitting a word up into its sounds), we have done this with lots of CVC words such as: peg, cat and red. We also met Raymond the Robot who loves to watch us using our robot arms to say the sounds in a word. Please ask your children to show you this at home and see what they can do! We will continue this next week.

In Maths we have been focusing on the number 9 this week, Merlin had taken it so we have all been writing the number 9 and making it so he will be convinced to put it back!

This week was the last week of show and tell before Christmas, please do not bring anything for show and tell until after Christmas as we will not have chance to do it.

Thank-you to all of the people who have already sent in £1 this week, we are doing this instead of any Christmas cards this year so we can support our school family this Christmas.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon