It was very special to see the children so engrossed and amazed with Karen yesterday. We were very lucky to have a special visit from 3 gorgeous owls, the children listened as Karen explained all about their eyes, ears, feathers (owls, unlike most other birds, do not have waterproof feathers so that explains why they do not like going out in the rain!), furniture and where they live. The children had the chance to look closely at a similar egg to those that the owls produce when they have their offspring. We also had a look at 2 pellets which the owls had made that morning, this shows that the owls must be very healthy. The children then had the opportunity to hold one of the lovely smaller owls. I was very impressed with the children’s sensible attitude and bravery when they were close to the owls. Please see the Reception - galleries section of our website where I will upload our photos.

In maths this week we have focused on the number 6. We have enjoyed a game using egg boxes where they were numbered 1-6 inside and we had to take turns with our partner, rolling the dice, to see which number we could fill up with our counters. The first person to land on all 6 numbers won! The children were great at taking turns and sharing with their partner.

In RWI this week we have learned 3 new sounds and one of these has ‘special friends’ - 2 letters together that makes one sound.
w - Down, up, down, up.
th - The princess is stuck in the tower and the horse comes to rescue her, the princess says thank-you.
z - Zig, zag, zig.

This week we have enjoyed starting the discussion books with our reading groups. In the wallet is the book and a reading diary, please date and comment every time you share the book. The sheet with ideas allows you to revisit the book more than once and discuss different parts of the story or do a different activity relating to the book. At this stage, we would like to create enjoyment and excitement when sharing a book. We will add stickers to the bookmarks in school for each date the children have shared the book at home. Please ensure you remember the books in the book bags every day from next week as we need them in school as well as at home.

Friday 14th December at 2pm - Reception Nativity performance. We will provide more information nearer to the time, the children may bring their lines to practice at home for our performance quite soon.

Please could I ask you to have a check of names in PE jumpers at home, Ronnie’s jumper is missing and we have had a thorough look in school, including the jumpers which the children wore on Monday, but if you could check name tags at home that would be very helpful.

Thank-you and have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon