This week we have been learning about God’s wonderful creation and what a perfect quote especially at this time of year. The pictures to the left show the children ordering the things which God created over 7 days (including day 7 where God rested!) and our lovely creation wheels which some children have made.
Next week, we will be collecting donations for Harvest. A letter has been sent home tonight which explains that in reception we kindly ask for beans as a donation. Please could you bring these on Friday 12th October.

We have continued our Read Write Inc this week, the children have blown me away with their amazing brains! They have worked really hard to remember all of their new sounds and the special rhymes which help us to form the letters correctly. We sometimes do add on a little extra, as we like to write our letters using pre cursive handwriting in reception.
Our new sounds this week are:
i - Down the body, dot for the head.
n - To the top of Nobby, down Nobby, over his net.
p - Down the plait and over the pirates face.
g - Round her face, down her hair and give her a curl.

Merlin was very cheeky this week. We have been learning all about the number 2. The children have enjoyed singing Jack and Gill with added role play, put lots of number 2 things in our number 2 house and played a matching pictures game BUT Merlin had taken our number 2 from Bob the Builders display! He asked the children to draw their own number 2 and to add it to the garden before we could have it back, I hope Merlin will put it back before next week!

In reception we love to sing and dance, aswell as our usual dancing and music this week, we had a lovely treat on Wednesday as Mrs Bird came to do music with the children in the hall. They used many instruments and had a lovely time making music to lots of songs.
We have also put our hopes and dreams on our tree, thank-you for sending them back into school. The children enjoyed sharing their wishes and photos.

Show and tell was a great success, the children listened carefully and enjoyed sharing their belongings and stories!
Thank-you for all of your continued support and we hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Dixon and Mrs Mahoney

AuthorLeanne Dixon