During the Summer term, criminal happenings have been occurring in the Reception classroom. Things have been mysteriously disappearing. Toys have been mixed up. The children were puzzled by these goings on and began to investigate.

That was when we noticed something unusual... Our classroom was filled with Evil Peas! Upon inspecting the peas we hunted for, we noticed that they all had numbers on them. After we had put them in order we could see that on the back of them was a message... The evil peas were going to cause more mischief!


At this point, we decided that enough was enough. Lots of us decided to search for the Pea, using lots of wonderful directional and positional language as we searched. Some of us decided to write our own 'wanted' posters and warnings which we then posted around our classroom. Other children chose to plan, design and build their own traps in order to catch the Pea. The classroom was buzzing!


A few days later, we received a letter from the Pea which told us that he had taken Mr Potato Head and that we would never find him. Luckily, Mr Whetnall was able to get the CCTV footage of our classroom from Mr Arthur and we began to look for clues. We saw that the Pea had snook in and taken Mr Potato Head into our outdoor area.

Donning our detective costumes, we went to search for clues. We found padlocks, soil, spades, buckets, open gates, an unusual map and one of Mr Potato Head's arms! We collected the clues together and drew our conclusions to what we thought had happened. After lots of debate, we had our own ideas but realised - from the map we had found - that Mr Potato Head was probably buried in our garden! After doing our very best digging, we were able to find and save Mr Potato Head. But the Evil Pea is still at large...


AuthorLiam Whetnall