We've had another busy week in Reception as we begin the journey towards Christmas. Hopefully, everyone has received their words for our Christmas Nativity - Fishing for Stars, which will take place on Friday 15th December at 2pm. Please practice these as regularly as you possibly can with your child so that they begin to memorise them. Over the following weeks, we will be spending more and more time practicing for our show and I bet lots of you have already been regailed with our wonderful songs!

In class, we have been further developing our story language through our retellings of The Gruffalo and some of us have even been able to write some of our stories! We have also been using our Fred Talk to sound out words and have been challenged to decide whether these are real words or alien (made-up) words which have been sent to trick us.

In maths, our focus has been upon ordering, estimating and writing numbers with a particular focus upon the difficult teen numbers. We have been making our own board games to play with friends and have been really enjoying guessing how many objects we have collected by sight.

We have also been continuing to make maps of the Gruffalo's deep, dark wood - thinking about the key things a map needs to show! Finally, we have been using newspaper to make models of the mouse and the snake from the story which we will be decorating in the next couple of weeks.

On Friday, we also celebrated Children in Need with our annual Pennies for Pudsey campaign. We really enjoyed dressing in our pudsey ears and counting and arranging our coins. Thank you all for your incredibly kind donations, you really make a difference.

This week's golden award winner was Lexi and the writing award went to Elsie.

AuthorLiam Whetnall