Well, can you believe we are beginning our fourth week of full time learning at school? It's certainly gone very quickly.

The children have really settled in well to our rules and routines and are all beginning to make lots of new friends! We have also been playing with our new Year 5 buddies who have been helping us to learn how to play nicely with others in the playground!

In class, we have been learning all about ourselves. We have looked at the story of Funnybones and have been thinking about the different bones we have. We even made our own art straw skeletons! We have also begun to think about the structure of stories and have been doing our own sequencing of the Funnybones story. 


This week we have become interested in the Rainbow Fish and we will be making our own Rainbow Fish using collage techniques - as well as our own sea creatures using our art resources. We will also be acting out the story using masks and continuing to focus on the way that stories are structured. With our Rainbow Fish story, we will be focusing upon sharing and looking at the gifts that God has given us to share with others we meet. In science, we will be looking at our five senses and will be thinking about whether they always tell us the truth about what is around us. 

Running alongside our 'ourselves' focus, we are also going to be exploring Autumn and how our world changes around us as the season progresses. We will be looking at hedgehogs, counting with conkers and using our fine motor skills to make leaf necklaces through threading. 



AuthorLiam Whetnall