It has been another busy week in Reception!

We have been learning all about rhyme this week and have been making our own rhyming soup models by writing CVC words and finding the corresponding rhyming word.

We have also been learning about repeating patterns and have been naming, describing and drawing 2D shapes to help us to create our own fantastic patterns.

In our topic work, we have been continuing our work on the Rainbow Fish and have begun to look at the Hindu festival of Diwali. We have been making colourful friendship bands, using our knowledge of patterns and have used 2D shapes to make Rangoli patterns for Diwali cards.

On Thursday, we celebrated World Maths Day. We enjoyed exploring a range of practical maths activities. We made our own repeating pattern fruit kebabs, number counting biscuits, played board games, went on a shape hunt and used our knowledge of space and shape to construct models and dens!

Don't forget - next Tuesday is Reception class photo day and Thursday is Parent's Day.




AuthorLiam Whetnall