During this half term, the children will begin to engage in Guided Reading sessions at school. We hope to have all children taking a reading book home by the middle of our second week back. 

Initially, our reading books will focus upon story telling and will contain only pictures. Use these books to help your child to make sense of story progression and ask them questions about what they think is happening. 

Eventually, after a few picture books, we will begin to send children home with books containing words with the first few sounds we have learned in phonics.

In order to help you to best support your child's reading at home, I will be hosting a 'Phonics Workshop' after school for parents. The aim of this will be to demonstrate how we teach reading and writing at school and to answer any questions or concerns you have about Phonics (don't worry, it's not as scary as you might think! =)). The date of this has not yet been confirmed but as soon as it is, I will let you all know by letter.


Also, within the next few weeks our first homework will come home. We call these our 'learning logs' and they can be completed however you best see fit. There is no right or wrong way! These will be handed out and you will have a fortnight in which to complete them. These learning logs are useful in not only allowing you to see our learning at school over the fortnight but also in allowing us to send messages home about important dates and events. 

I hope we are all feeling rested and ready to tackle a very exciting and busy half term back at school!.

Mr Whetnall

AuthorLiam Whetnall