We've had another busy week in Reception as we begin the journey towards Christmas. Hopefully, everyone has received their words for our Christmas Nativity - Fishing for Stars, which will take place on Friday 15th December at 2pm. Please practice these as regularly as you possibly can with your child so that they begin to memorise them. Over the following weeks, we will be spending more and more time practicing for our show and I bet lots of you have already been regailed with our wonderful songs!

In class, we have been further developing our story language through our retellings of The Gruffalo and some of us have even been able to write some of our stories! We have also been using our Fred Talk to sound out words and have been challenged to decide whether these are real words or alien (made-up) words which have been sent to trick us.

In maths, our focus has been upon ordering, estimating and writing numbers with a particular focus upon the difficult teen numbers. We have been making our own board games to play with friends and have been really enjoying guessing how many objects we have collected by sight.

We have also been continuing to make maps of the Gruffalo's deep, dark wood - thinking about the key things a map needs to show! Finally, we have been using newspaper to make models of the mouse and the snake from the story which we will be decorating in the next couple of weeks.

On Friday, we also celebrated Children in Need with our annual Pennies for Pudsey campaign. We really enjoyed dressing in our pudsey ears and counting and arranging our coins. Thank you all for your incredibly kind donations, you really make a difference.

This week's golden award winner was Lexi and the writing award went to Elsie.

AuthorLiam Whetnall

Welcome back to everyone and I'm glad to hear we have had an exciting half term break!

This week we have been focusing upon The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and have been thinking hard about some key book vocabulary such as 'author', 'illustrator', 'setting' and 'character'.  We have been predicting the next lines of the story using our knowledge of rhyming and have thought carefully about words which rhyme. 

In our literacy, we have been continuing to work on ordering and sequencing stories and developing our story language in retelling these stories. We have also begun to use our ABC books to practice writing our letters correctly.

In maths, we have been focusing upon measuring - we have ordered and measured different snakes using cubes as our non-standard unit of measurement; we have put the characters from the Gruffalo in size order and have also been measuring our friends using string and discussing different heights.

Our topic work has been focused upon exploring maps, using our knowledge of the Gruffalo's 'deep, dark wood' from the story to create our own simple maps of this setting.

The children are beginning to settle back in and are continuing to develop their independence in accessing the continuous provision in class and directing their own learning.

I hope you all enjoyed the phonics workshop on Thursday and that it gave you an insight into how you can best support your child's reading. We hope to send out reading books on Monday.

AuthorLiam Whetnall

It has been another busy week in Reception!

We have been learning all about rhyme this week and have been making our own rhyming soup models by writing CVC words and finding the corresponding rhyming word.

We have also been learning about repeating patterns and have been naming, describing and drawing 2D shapes to help us to create our own fantastic patterns.

In our topic work, we have been continuing our work on the Rainbow Fish and have begun to look at the Hindu festival of Diwali. We have been making colourful friendship bands, using our knowledge of patterns and have used 2D shapes to make Rangoli patterns for Diwali cards.

On Thursday, we celebrated World Maths Day. We enjoyed exploring a range of practical maths activities. We made our own repeating pattern fruit kebabs, number counting biscuits, played board games, went on a shape hunt and used our knowledge of space and shape to construct models and dens!

Don't forget - next Tuesday is Reception class photo day and Thursday is Parent's Day.




AuthorLiam Whetnall

Well, can you believe we are beginning our fourth week of full time learning at school? It's certainly gone very quickly.

The children have really settled in well to our rules and routines and are all beginning to make lots of new friends! We have also been playing with our new Year 5 buddies who have been helping us to learn how to play nicely with others in the playground!

In class, we have been learning all about ourselves. We have looked at the story of Funnybones and have been thinking about the different bones we have. We even made our own art straw skeletons! We have also begun to think about the structure of stories and have been doing our own sequencing of the Funnybones story. 


This week we have become interested in the Rainbow Fish and we will be making our own Rainbow Fish using collage techniques - as well as our own sea creatures using our art resources. We will also be acting out the story using masks and continuing to focus on the way that stories are structured. With our Rainbow Fish story, we will be focusing upon sharing and looking at the gifts that God has given us to share with others we meet. In science, we will be looking at our five senses and will be thinking about whether they always tell us the truth about what is around us. 

Running alongside our 'ourselves' focus, we are also going to be exploring Autumn and how our world changes around us as the season progresses. We will be looking at hedgehogs, counting with conkers and using our fine motor skills to make leaf necklaces through threading. 



AuthorLiam Whetnall

After a long summer of developing the Reception garden area, we are finally beginning to see some results!

Our new Reception children have already been busy digging, pulling, chopping and picking the variety of fruit and vegetables we have grown.

We now plan to make our very own soup with the fruits of our labour!


AuthorLiam Whetnall

Reception had a fantastic time on Friday as we tumbled further and further down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland!

We came into school dressed as our favourite Alice in Wonderland characters and took part in a range of activities, including: Potion making, biscuit icing, jam sandwiches, Mad hatter hats and even a spot of croquet!

In the afternoon, we had our own tea party and even told some jokes to each other.

We had a fabulous day and learned lots of new skills. What a fantastic way to celebrate our busy first year!


AuthorLiam Whetnall

We had a wonderful time at our first school sports day! Every single one of us tried our best and showed off our amazing movement and sports skills.

Well done, Reception!


AuthorLiam Whetnall

During the Summer term, criminal happenings have been occurring in the Reception classroom. Things have been mysteriously disappearing. Toys have been mixed up. The children were puzzled by these goings on and began to investigate.

That was when we noticed something unusual... Our classroom was filled with Evil Peas! Upon inspecting the peas we hunted for, we noticed that they all had numbers on them. After we had put them in order we could see that on the back of them was a message... The evil peas were going to cause more mischief!


At this point, we decided that enough was enough. Lots of us decided to search for the Pea, using lots of wonderful directional and positional language as we searched. Some of us decided to write our own 'wanted' posters and warnings which we then posted around our classroom. Other children chose to plan, design and build their own traps in order to catch the Pea. The classroom was buzzing!


A few days later, we received a letter from the Pea which told us that he had taken Mr Potato Head and that we would never find him. Luckily, Mr Whetnall was able to get the CCTV footage of our classroom from Mr Arthur and we began to look for clues. We saw that the Pea had snook in and taken Mr Potato Head into our outdoor area.

Donning our detective costumes, we went to search for clues. We found padlocks, soil, spades, buckets, open gates, an unusual map and one of Mr Potato Head's arms! We collected the clues together and drew our conclusions to what we thought had happened. After lots of debate, we had our own ideas but realised - from the map we had found - that Mr Potato Head was probably buried in our garden! After doing our very best digging, we were able to find and save Mr Potato Head. But the Evil Pea is still at large...


AuthorLiam Whetnall

Reception have had a very busy fortnight. We decided that our garden was looking a little bit shabby and that we wanted to make it better. So we decided to make a plan of our ideal garden! We have all worked hard at planning, digging, planting, watering and growing our garden and are looking forward to enjoying the fruits of our labour!



AuthorLiam Whetnall

We hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break and have gotten some much needed rest, ready for a busy Summer term!

We are looking forward to seeing all of you and have some exciting things planned for the coming half term.

This half term, we will be looking at Growing - this will include a focus upon animals through an author study of Sue Hendra. We will also be looking forward to a set of very small, and very crawly, visitors who we will be observing throughout the coming weeks.

Our focused stories for this half term will be: Barry the Fish with Fingers, Norman the Snail with the Silly Shell, Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat and Supertato (all written by Sue Hendra), as well as The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

As always, we love to plan from the children's interests and welcome children bringing in their own favourite stories for us to share and learn from.

Attached is the curriculum map for the first half of the summer term.

Summer Term 1


AuthorLiam Whetnall