This Friday, we will be sending home our first learning logs for you to complete at home. You will have two weeks to complete each learning log - we ask that they be returned on the second Thursday after they are given out on a Friday so they can be looked at and are ready to return again.

It is entirely up to you how you choose to fill in your learning log. You might choose lots of practical activities such as writing in flour, sand, soil etc or counting using sweets and so may want to attach photos. You may want to attach your child's work on different pieces of paper they have used. Or you may simply choose for your child to do their work straight onto the learning log pages directly. You may also want to write a brief description of any activities you have undertaken with your child or any direct quotes they have made. Feel free to attach any additional work your child produces if you think they have worked hard!

Please just make sure to use the space on the double page around the outside of the learning log sheet to attach your child's work however you choose to! If you need to use additional space, feel free to use the next page but try not to use too many additional pages as this will fill up the books very quickly.

Below is an example of how the learning logs will look in the book. They will be placed in the centre of the double page and the space around the outside will be used for you to attach the work.

We hope you enjoy sharing your child's learning and I look forward to seeing all the exciting activities you enjoy!

AuthorLiam Whetnall