As we are nearing the end of the Summer Term there are many things to inform you of which will be happening over the next few weeks...

Fond Farewell to Mrs Chandler

Our Lady's is so upset to be saying goodbye to Mrs Chandler, our Year 3 teacher at the end of this academic year. Although she was with us for only 12 months, Mrs Chandler has become a wonderful part of Our Lady's community and we will be so sorry to see her go. However, Mrs Chandler has an exciting new venture which, although taking her away from the classroom, may well lead to some very exciting adventures in the future - so with a heavy heart we wish her every success in the future. We hope you come back and see us very soon!

From September we have appointed a new teacher - Miss Heim-Sarac. She will be joining us in Year 3. She has met the children already, but will be coming to spend an afternoon with Year 2 on Thursday this week. I'm sure Year 2 parents will be able to meet her and welcome her then.


Up and Coming Events...

There are so many events and activities coming up in the next few weeks including Sports Day (July 4), Music Evening (July 6), 100% attendance party (July 11), Leavers Mass (July 21)  to name but a few - check out these and more on our 'Dates' section of the website for more information. Also we will send texts closer to each event.

Stranger Danger

Just a word of warning as we know there are many children now walking home alone after school due to the great weather - however, always be aware (especially when you are with your friends!) that you should always be vigilant, keep those eyes and ears open, as we want to make sure you keep yourselves safe when you are out and about. Remember not to 'dawdle' and not to talk to people you do not know. Always be sensible and listen to parents advice! We want everyone to have a safe and happy summer!

Authormelanie Haggerty