I know that drop-off times around 8.45am and also at the end of the school day become very busy with cars around our school perimeter. Unfortunately, due to the amount of families trying to park as close as possible to the school building mornings and afternoons are noticeably becoming increasingly dangerous for those who are walking with their children and also the older children walking themselves.

I was horrified to hear that yesterday some parents were actually mounting the pavement in their rush to try to park at/around Thornhill Close.


I am sure I do not have to explain to you the danger that poses to our families and particularly our young children, who are already difficult to see when driving.

I am really surprised and upset that parents are not giving due regard to each other and trying to ensure the safety of all when bringing children to school. I'm sure it would not take too much for parents to park in some of the nearby streets and walk children to school - we do currently have the children looking out for times that they can walk!!!!

Please. please don't endanger a child's life and take extra care in cars!

Authormelanie Haggerty