We are so proud of all of our children here at Our Lady's!

Last week we held our own school 'Spelling Bee' and children learned spelling words from their own curriculum and from across school. Heats were then held in each class in order to find 2 ambassadors from each class who would go forward to the School Semi-Finals!

From Year 3 - Eva and Gabrielle

Year 4 - Olivia and Isabella

Year 5 - Jack and Thomas

Year 6 - Sam and Katie

These children were amazing! They bravely came out to the front of the hall ( in front of KS2) and confidently spelled the trickiest words Miss Haggerty could find!!!! Everyone in school was supporting the children and cheering them on - but in the end we could only have 2 representatives  for our school.

The triumphant pair were Sam and Olivia. They then went to the CLC on Friday with Mrs Gudgeon and took part in the finals against children from each of the other 29 schools in Blackpool. We couldn't be prouder of them and the other children who learned their spelling words and took part in the competition!

We'll now have to remember to use these words in our amazing writing this term!

Authormelanie Haggerty