Unfortunately it has been brought to my attention that parents have been parking without due care or concern for other car users when it comes to bringing children to school and collecting by car at home-time.

As you will be aware, we are allowed to use the church car park due only to the kindness of the Parish Priests we have had here at Our Lady's. Yesterday two larger vehicles were left parked across the entrances to the church car park, blocking access to other parents who could not enter the car park.

This is really sad as it means we are forgetting about the needs of others. As a Catholic Community, we should be the people who always give consideration to others and think about the feelings and needs of our neighbours.

I really hope in this New Year, we can try to make a real effort to consider the needs of others; in this case other parents who are in the same situation as ourselves and trying to park to bring children safely into school. Please let us be good role-models in all our actions.

Many thanks

Miss Haggerty (Headteacher)


Authormelanie Haggerty