Live Screening at Christmas Fair 4th December 2015

This year we will be hosting a  wonderful screening of our children’s amazing performances and artwork throughout the past few years…  

As part of our Christmas events we have acquired funding for the making of a video which will celebrate all the children’s achievements in the arts (dance, Shakespeare etc) and this will be screened on the side of the school building on the evening of Friday 4thDecember(as in Queen’s Jubilee)

We hope families will be able to come out to our Christmas Fair on this evening and then watch this amazing  performance! Please come and join us - hopefully we might have some special guests too!


E-Safety at Our Lady's

Camera mobile phones and tablets are now a part of our everyday lives -  so much so that we hardly even notice them any more.  However as a school we have been considering the safety to all our children from misuse of our  devices. A built in digitalcamera enables users to take high quality pictures. These can then be sent instantly to other mobile phones or e-mail addresses. They can also be posted on the internet or in chat rooms. There is the potential for such images (albeit taken in innocence) to be misused.

Starting this half-term, parents and visitors if using a phone when entering school grounds, will be asked to turn their mobile phones off/put phone away when in school. Parents may take video and photographs of children at designated times - in school performances and special events etc but, so school is aware that this is your intention, we will have a book where you can sign to say that you are intending to record your child at an event.

Parents are informed that photos should be used for home and family viewing and should not be posted on social media e.g. Facebook.

We do not encourage any children to bring mobile phones into school for any reason. If you intend your child to have a mobile on them to come to/walk home from school then a form MUST be  completed and children will then leave their phone at the school office to be put in the safe during the day. If a phone is brought into school without parental consent then it will be confiscated and handed directly back to parents.

School staff are also not allowed to use mobile phones whilst in the presence of children at school. Phones must be switched off and put away in a safe place during teaching hours.

We thank all of our parents for your support in this.


Christmas Shopping Trip to Manchester

Don't for get our PTA are organising the annual trip to the Manchester Christmas Markets - tickets available from the office...

Don't miss out...

22nd November 2015


Coach £10

Leaving school at 9am

Leaving Manchester at 5pm


Christmas gifts & cards.

Parents and families of Our Lady of the Assumption overwhelm us on many occasions with your kindness in the form of gifts and cards. Whilst staff really appreciate the heartfelt message, we always feel that it would be lovely if the money you spent went back to the children rather than us! So this year we are asking that parents donate a small gift to      become part of a ‘Class Hamper’ which will then be raffled before we break for Christmas. Each class will have a different theme for their hamper and will send details out over the next few weeks. We think this will be a fun way of fundraising for our school and as always appreciate your great help and support.




Authormelanie Haggerty